Determine Risk Early in the Term. Connect Students With the Resources They Need.

Mapworks considers the whole student when predicting risk.  The result is a complete picture of each student—visually indicating who is most at risk, and the contributing factors. But Mapworks provides much more than just an early-term snapshot. Used daily, it can help track the progress of students, monitor the success of intervention strategies, and connect them with the resources that will help them achieve success.

  • An Easy to Use System. Provides Critical Insights to You and Your Students.

    Mapworks risk algorithms go to work early in the term, generating on-screen reports that inform you and your colleagues of risk levels across cohorts. Quickly access information that is cohort and student-specific, drilling down to the detail level, as needed.

  • Pinpoint the specific needs of each student.

    Mapworks presents each student’s profile, risk indicators, and alerts in a dashboard format that makes it easy for faculty and administrators to identify students who need help early in the term, when interventions are most likely to have a positive impact on student success and retention.

  • Better understand the needs of each cohort.

    Built-in reports highlight the top issues for each cohort, providing you with critical insights that can help you create new student programs and intervention strategies—and refine existing ones.

A Fully-Hosted System that Integrates with Your Existing Systems

Mapworks is a fully-hosted, cloud-based solution, so there is no software to install on your servers and no new hardware required. We make it easy to implement and deploy at your institution. As part of the implementation process, our Client Services team will  work with you to define your specific needs for data integration.

Ready To See It In Action?

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If you are ready to schedule an in-depth product demonstration — for yourself or your team — our retention, student success, and program assessment experts can work with you to schedule a time and a format that is right for you.