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Mapworks is a fully hosted web-based retention platform, so there is no need to purchase additional software or hardware in order to implement it. It can be integrated with all ERP, SIS, and LMS systems. The implementation process occurs in five key steps.  Our implementation team works hand-in-hand with your campus coordinator and other team members to ensure that your Mapworks system is ready to go when you are.

Skyfactor Mapworks Implementation Process

Data Collection

Student and institutional profile data are uploaded to the Mapworks database during this phase. Data includes course enrollment information, student profile data, survey data, grades and attendance, contacts, alerts, and other information used to determine risk in the Mapworks system.





Survey Administration

As part of the overall implementation planning process, our Analytics and Research team with work with your Client Services Manager to choose the risk algorithms that fit your institution’s unique characteristics.  During the survey administration phase, we’ll work with your campus coordinator to deploy the surveys associated with those algorithms and to provide advice on how to maximize survey response rates.  Average response rates for transition surveys are typically 74% or higher across participating institutions.

Make Connections

Mapworks connects faculty/staff to students, using connection information that is provided by your institution. Through the Mapworks interface, student survey results are instantly available to faculty/staff such as academic advisors, first year seminar instructors, and residential life staff, so they can easily identify at-risk students. Mapworks’ innovative design easy navigation, colorful dashboards, and one click drill-down technology efficiently provide faculty/staff the tools they need to record, manage, and track student interventions. Mapworks also connects faculty/staff to one another to inform and coordinate student interventions.

Inform Students

Students gain immediate access to a customized, web-based report that identifies discrepancies between their expectations and the academic and social behaviors that provide the keys to success. The Mapworks system benchmarks individual results against the first-year cohort to better help students understand their own strengths and weaknesses. This interactive report aligns behaviors with outcomes, enhances self-awareness through social norming, and connects students with campus resources and support services.

Analyze Results

Mapworks participants receive access to a comprehensive, interactive set of on-screen analysis tools that display the complete set of aggregated survey results, enable benchmarking against peer institutions, and deliver customized reports. This powerful — yet easy-to-use — set of dashboards provides administrators and key decision makers with the insights that they need to apply the best interventions and to increase the effectiveness of student-faculty interactions.


Mapworks partner institutions receive online training, ongoing web seminars, and technical support, included with their Mapworks implementations. For institutions that have a need for on-site training to complement basic training and support services, we have developed some standard training and consulting packages. You always have the option to customize training packages– to build the training package that is right for your institution.

  • Train your Direct-Connects® to efficiently and effectively use Mapworks
  • Empower Direct-Connects to better understand student transition needs
  • Explore how to use Mapworks in individual student interventions
  • Develop an effective ongoing training and support plan