An Effective Student Success Program Starts with a Cohesive Strategy

Whether or not your institution uses the Mapworks Student Retention System, our student success and retention experts can provide you with support and advice to help your institution’s leaders improve overall retention strategies and integrate existing technology solutions into a campus-wide strategy for increasing student retention and persistence. Take your student success program to the next level – and achieve results.

Student Success & Retention Consulting — From a Team That You Can Trust

Mapworks consultants have years of experience in higher education and can help take your student success program to the next level, with customized resources and assistance to help your institution achieve its desired outcomes. Our consultants provide you with support and advice to increase the impact and effectiveness of your integrated student retention programs, provide your staff with hands-on expertise, and deliver on-site training and implementation.  Consulting packages range from one-day, onsite engagements to multi-day, multi-visit options.

Five Reasons to Invest in Skyfactor Consulting Services


Increase the return on your investment.

A successful software implementation is just one component of an integrated student success and retention strategy. The cost of consulting services can be easily recouped by the increased efficiency made possible through better processes and an overall culture that contributes to student success.



Ensure objectivity.

Issues that arise from retention concerns can be controversial, emotional, and political. Our consultants can assist key stakeholders in identifying a “win-win” solution, in their roles as objective advisors.


Identify the best fit for your organization .

No two institutions are exactly the same in terms of student body demographics, enrollment policies, academic requirements, and student life programs. Our consultants  can help you determine how to best integrate Mapworks or other technology solutions into your overall mix of student retention efforts, based upon your institution’s unique needs and programs.


Supplement staff resources.

Our consultants forge true partnerships with the members of your project leadership team. Together, they explore how to best utilize Mapworks and other technology programs to accomplish daily tasks, while positively impacting student success and retention.


Prepare for long-term success.

Improving retention and graduation rates requires a long-term, integrate set of well-planned initiatives. It’s important to ensure that key stakeholders are in alignment on intervention strategies, and committed to providing the resources needed to adequately support them. Our consultants can help your team formulate those strategies, along with a solid implementation plan that incorporates technology solutions.

On-Site Student Success & Retention Consulting Services

  • Kick-off consulting & on-site training
  • Process definition and improvement
  • Encouraging stakeholder buy-in
  • Leveraging data to drive interventions
  • Utilizing dashboard info to improve retention rates
  • Single-day and multi-day engagements
  • Increasing survey response rates
  • Integrating data from other systems
  • Intervention strategies – when/where/how

The Skyfactor Mapworks Consulting Team