Benchworks: Program Assessments, Made Easy.

Assessing the efficacy of Student Affairs and academic programs is important, but it can be a complex, time-consuming proposition. It needn’t be. Benchworks program assessments are professionally developed, validated, and rooted in research standards. In other words, they ask the right questions.

The answers—expertly analyzed and presented in an intuitive reporting and communications dashboard—offer insight and actionable information. Your institution can identify issues and program areas that need to be addressed first, make informed investment decisions, better serve and engage students, and continuously improve your programs.

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Aligned with the Specifications of Partner and Professional Organizations.

Skyfactor works closely with partner organizations, like AACN, ACUHO-I, and ACUI to ensure that Benchworks assessments are in alignment with the standards of each organization.  In addition, we closely follow and monitor accreditation standards in the academic areas that we serve, and update our assessments as requirements and standards evolve.

Why Assess?

Program assessment provides you with the information you need to determine priorities for improving academic and Student Affairs programs, justify resource allocation, identify and modify policies that impact success, compare your performance with peer institutions, and provide evidence of program effectiveness for accreditation purposes.  For some programs, it may make sense to assess every year; others may only require assessment every 2 or 3 years.

Benchworks provides you with in-depth analysis tools, research-based recommendations for improvements that are likely to have the greatest impact on your success, the ability to easily benchmark against peer institutions, and longitudinal comparisons — all within an easy-to-use dashboard.

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If you are ready to schedule an in-depth product demonstration — for yourself or your team — our retention, student success, and program assessment experts can work with you to schedule a time and a format that is right for you.