Your Time is Precious. Benchworks Makes it Easy to Get Started.

Benchworks offers an efficient and effective alternative to spending time and resources on do-it-yourself surveys. Our pre-built assessments are professionally developed and aligned with professional organizations, while offering room for customization to your institution’s needs. Surveys are rigorously tested, reviewed, and updated annually, so you can make decisions based on valid data from reliable questions.

  • Insights, Delivered

    Pre-built dashboards and vivid reports clearly flag factors that will have the biggest positive impact on program success, when addressed. You’ll know how and where to prioritize your resources, and have data to justify your decisions.

  • Built-In Benchmarking and Longitudinal Analysis

    Benchworks assessments–and the resulting analyses–integrate data from years of research. You can benchmark results vis a vis peer institutions, compare results using longitudinal data, and calibrate performance against professional standards. And you’ll have evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of your efforts on your programs.

  • In-Depth Reporting

    Comprehensive reporting options allow you to see trends, identify and compare sub-populations, receive specific recommendations for improvement, and much more. You’ll have the input you need to understand program strengths and weaknesses, monitor the impact of your efforts, and modify your action plans to continually fine-tune and improve your Student Affairs programs.

Research, Benchmarking, and Longitudinal Comparisons Set Us Apart

Benchworks has been designed from the ground-up to make it easy for you to administer assessments and to quickly make sense of the resulting data.  Of course, you could create your own surveys from scratch, using the wide range of generic tools available today, leveraging in-house experts on professional standards and survey construction, but why invest the time? Benchworks has already done the work for you.

Our professionally-built, customizable assessments– aligned with professional standards– set us apart from solutions that require a build-it-yourself approach.  Skyfactor’s long history of providing program assessment solutions to the higher education market makes it possible for us to incorporate comparative and historical data into our pre-built dashboards — providing you with peer benchmarking and longitudinal analysis that you will not find anywhere else.

Ready To See It In Action?

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If you are ready to schedule an in-depth product demonstration — for yourself or your team — our retention, student success, and program assessment experts can work with you to schedule a time and a format that is right for you.