Three Students Selected for 2016 Mapworks Scholarship

By: The Skyfactor Mapworks Team | Dec 14 2016

At the 2016 Mastering Mapworks Summer Conference, held June 13-16 in Nashville TN, three college students were awarded the annual Mapworks Scholarship, a prize of $1,500 toward their education. Open to Mapworks-affiliated students ages 18 and up*, applicants were asked to answer one of the three following questions in a 3 minute video:

  1. How did Mapworks affect your college or university experience?
  2. What did you learn from the Mapworks student report and how did it benefit you?
  3. Was there a faculty/staff member that reached out to assist you based on information he/she received about you through the Mapworks program? How did that person’s actions help you to be more successful?

Our 2016 scholarship hopefuls were concise, creative, and earnest in their deliveries, and in the end three (3) students were chosen to share their stories of how Mapworks has directly impacted their lives for the better: Rose Goren from the University of Minnesota, Mitchell Harwood from Queens University of Charlotte, and Elise Hill from the University of Northern Colorado.

Below, the 2016 Mapworks Scholarship recipients tell their stories:

Elise Hill

Mapworks as a Student and an RA: “This video describes how Mapworks affected me as a student, and as an RA. Mapworks has made a huge impact on my college career.”

Mitchell Harwood

The Benefits of Mapworks: “In this video I highlight what I learned and the benefits from taking the Mapworks survey. I also talk about how the survey changed my experience on and off the campus.”

Rose Goren

The Living Brave Semester: “Mapworks did not only change my college experience, it changed my life.”

*The Mapworks Scholarship is a national scholarship program for first and second-year college students who have participated in the Mapworks program. Skyfactor created these scholarships to highlight the experiences and achievements of Mapworks students. The scholarships are intended to help students reduce the cost of their college educations and assist them in progressing toward graduation.

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