Indirect Assessment for Engineering Programs, Made Easy

Aligned with Accreditation Standards.  Research-Based and Rigorously-Tested.

Three Benchworks Engineering program assessments make it easy to get started right away.  All leverage 15 years of research and experience and are based on ABET* A-K Program Outcome Criteria. Our benchmarking assessments emphasize the importance of student opinions and learning styles.  As indirect assessments, all are designed to measure student satisfaction, perceptions, and student learning outcomes.

* Note: ABET does not endorse or partner with any commercial assessment provider.

Benchworks Engineering Program Assessments

Undergraduate Exit Assessment

Undergraduate Alumni Assessment

Undergraduate Employer Assessment

Direct and Indirect Assessment: Why Both?

How can a campus determine if student learning has occurred and to what degree? Accreditation requires evidence of student learning but student learning outcomes can be hard to quantify. Standardized exams and portfolio rubrics can directly measure student performances and pre/post-exams can provide insights on the value of a given course or program, but these metrics are difficult and costly to collect. Indirect measures imply student learning at the program or university level through self-reported data and reports such as surveys, interviews, or course evaluations.

An ideal assessment program combines these direct assessment methods with indirect measures from a variety of sources. It’s only in combining direct and indirect measures that a campus can determine a holistic view of student achievement and gauge the efficacy of campus services, processes, and initiatives.



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