Company History

Since 1994, Skyfactor (formerly EBI MAP-Works) has been dedicated to improving retention, student success, and the quality of the college student experience.  Our products and services have empowered over 1,500 college and universities to positively impact student development, learning, retention and satisfaction through the Mapworks student success and retention system, and through Benchworks national benchmarking assessments.

EBI was originally formed by Dr. Joseph Pica and Glenn Detrick, Vice President of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) at the time, as a result of a need expressed at the annual meeting of the Big Ten MBA Program Managers in 1993. Dr. Pica volunteered to organize a benchmarking study that would identify key analysis factors for MBA programs and to create a set of data definitions to assure comparability. A pilot assessment was conducted, the results were reported at the 1994 GMAC annual meeting, and EBI was subsequently formed to provide assessment and benchmarking services for MBA programs. The library of EBI offerings rapidly grew to include assessments for Student Affairs programs, nursing education, teacher education, and engineering programs.

In 2003, EBI and Ball State University joined forces to create MAP-Works, a comprehensive, hosted software solution that enables colleges and universities to accurately predict attrition risk early in the term and to use that information to improve student success and retention rates.  It capitalizes on Ball State’s 20 years of experience with the original MAP (Making Achievement Possible) program and EBI’s successful record of creating software solutions for the higher education community.

In 2012 EBI joined the Macmillan New Ventures portfolio of innovative education technology companies, under the new name EBI MAP-Works. Recently renamed Skyfactor, the company continues to transform and expand to meet the demands of an ever-changing higher education climate.