• Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • A proven, research-based student retention and success system.

    Now your institution can reap the benefits of a customized, predictive, and affordable student success software solution – and immediately use the information to focus attention on students who need it most.

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  • Easy to administer assessments that support the accreditation process.

    Academic program assessments are aligned with the indirect measures requirements of accrediting organizations for Nursing, Teaching, Business, and Engineering education programs.  Program assessment suites include exit, alumni, and employer surveys.

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  • Quickly identify key areas for Student Affairs program improvements.

    Professionally-developed student affairs assessments make it easy to launch program assessment initiatives.  Use powerful on-screen dashboards for peer benchmarking. Quickly identify key issues that need to be addressed first.

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The Catalyst for Continuous Improvement

  • Easy to Learn and Use

    Skyfactor student success, retention, and assessment products are designed to make it easy for you to get started, to quickly gain insights from the data, and to follow-up with interventions and improvements that are expected to yield the greatest results.

  • Research-Based & Rigorously Tested

    Our Analytics and Research team is continually evolving and testing the accuracy of Mapworks algorithms, and ensuring that Benchworks program assessment products are in alignment with accreditation standards.

  • Impeccable Client Support & Services

    We forge true partnerships with our clients -- understanding the institution's culture, and providing training and implementation plans that revolve around the needs of each institution.

  • Results that Speak for Themselves

    Skyfactor clients report improvements in student success and retention, increased participation in student services, and an easier path to accreditation-focused reporting.

Our Complimentary Webinar Series

  • Data Sharing Agility: Communicating Program Outcomes to Accreditation Members and Communities of Interest

    October 11, 2018 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

    The Food for Thought Webinar Series

    Nursing programs purpose themselves to be accountable to communities of interest—to include the nursing profession, consumers, employers, peer institutions of higher education, students and their families. CCNE accreditation validates the success a nursing program achieved related to mission, goals and outcomes. As nursing faculty and administrators, we have to be able to nimbly understand and communicate our program outcomes based on data we collected and analyzed—we need agility to draw conclusions as to what our communities of interest value and what makes our program unique and effective in fulfilling our mission. Join this webinar to learn how to use internal and external data sources to provide evidence of programmatic assessment plan effectiveness. The speaker will address ways to effectively “tell your success stories” to CCNE site visitors and communities of interest through use of multiple data sources. The audience will be given examples of how relevant data sharing, sculpted to fit specific communities of interest, can optimize and leverage program outcomes.

  • Ten Things We’ve Learned from Ten Years of Housing Data

    December 4, 2018 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

    The Food for Thought Webinar Series

    Intuitively, we know a lot has changed in higher education over the past ten years, both with our students and our practices, in particular with campus housing. And, we can think of many stories that reflect these changes. But, which of these stories show up in our data, and what in the data surprise us? Using data from the last ten years of the ACUHO-I/Benchworks Resident Assessment, we’ll explore ten key trends from the last ten years in housing.


  • Seeing the Possibilities: How Benchmarking Can Improve Our Work

    September 11, 2018 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

    The Food for Thought Webinar Series

    One of the biggest challenges with assessment data is making sense of it and acting on it. How do we know when results are outstanding or concerning? What if the results are below average? What should our target performance be? Benchmarking can help provide answers to these questions and more! In this webinar, we'll explore what benchmarking is, why campuses would use benchmarking, and different types of benchmarking.


News & Articles

  • Macmillan Learning’s Skyfactor Integrates its Student Success and Retention Platform with N2N’s Illuminate

    By: Nikki Jones, Senior Director, Communications, Macmillan Learning | Apr 09 2018

    Macmillan Learning, a premier learning solutions company, today announced a strategic partnership between Skyfactor (formerly EBI MAP-Works) and N2N Services. For more than twenty years, Skyfactor has empowered hundreds of higher education institutions to harness data from the college experience in ways that materially impact retention, persistence, and student success rates. This new collaboration with software integration provider N2N Services will provide tools and API’s that automate data exchanges between Mapworks and Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Student Information Systems (SIS). Through this partnership with N2N, administrators, faculty, and student support staff will have even deeper insight into the lives and behaviors of students, which will enable them to better serve their student populations.

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  • Three Students Selected for 2017 Mapworks Scholarship

    By: The Skyfactor Mapworks Team | Aug 22 2017

    In 2017, Skyfactor chose three students from an impressive pool of applicants for the Mapworks Scholarship. Here, Danee' Allen, Mikayla Kia, and Zohal Mohammady tell their stories of how Mapworks affected their college experience.

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  • Oh @#!% (via the Talking Stick)

    By: Dr. Sherry Woosley & Matthew Venaas | Jul 13 2017

    Assessment results can sometimes rock your world; and not in a good way. When those numbers don't come out how you hoped or expected, what is the best way to respond? Authors Sherry Woosley and Matthew Venaas describe how to dissect not so great survey numbers, how to present them, and how to turn them into a more positive telling moment for your department.

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  • Skyfactor Mapworks is demonstrably committed to improving the student experience in higher education. They work with diligence, sincerity, creativity and sensitivity in their desire to meet the needs of each campus. Tracy Smith, Director, Retention through Academic Mentoring Program, Humboldt State University
  • Mapworks has truly changed the way we communicate, interact with, and support student success. Shariva White, Student Success Coordinator, Queens University of Charlotte
  • If you choose to use Mapworks, you are going to work with professionals who listen to your concerns and needs, and change their product to better aid their users. Very happy with the professional services I receive by being a Mapworks user. Matthew Hicks, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Success, and Undeclared Advising, Murray State University
  • Piedmont College is in its second year since implementation of Skyfactor Mapworks. The software in combination with other retention efforts helped us achieve an 8% increase in one-year freshman retention over the previous year. Anthony Cox, Registrar, Piedmont College
  • The ability to work with support staff with a background and perspective based in higher education creates a unique partnership that is not always available with a third-party vendor. Thomas Bruick, Assistant Director for Retention Initiatives, University of Central Arkansas
  • Mapworks makes a difference for our students. It helped identify ways to improve all students' experiences while also building small support teams for students-in-need. From the individual reports to the aggregate data, we've been able to address campus interventions in practical, meaningful ways that also improved retention. Amy McGovern, Assistant Director, University Housing & Mapworks Coordinator, University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • We are in our third year of using Mapworks at a relatively small private liberal arts university. The processing through Mapworks of student profile data, survey data, and academic performance data has enhanced our understanding of our students and the various demographics that indicate their level of risk. This information has in turn enabled us to deploy our intervention resources with more confidence. Tom Fish, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Retention, and Assessment, University of the Cumberlands
  • Mapworks allows the institution to tear down silos and develop integrated support and follow-up plans for individual students and groups of students who are struggling or at risk for failing/leaving the institution. It connects all individuals who are actively supporting the student so we can coordinate interventions based on the needs of the student. Mike Costello, Associate Director of Systems Technology, Student Affairs and Enrollment, Ball State
  • Mapworks is an amazing tool for influencing and enhancing the student learning experience by guiding every individual who interacts with a student in their student lifecycle. Gaurav Srivastava, Data Systems Analyst, Queens University of Charlotte
  • This year we’ve included Student Financial Services, Athletics, and our Resident Assistants into Mapworks and are using the tool during our Student Support Team meetings. Our deans and department chairs are loving the data analytics reports about students in their colleges and schools. Beth Stuart, Associate Dean, Center for Student Success, Queens University of Charlotte