• Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • Critical Insights That Help Drive Student Success

  • A proven, research-based student retention and success system.

    Now your institution can reap the benefits of a customized, predictive, and affordable student success software solution – and immediately use the information to focus attention on students who need it most.

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  • Easy to administer assessments that support the accreditation process.

    Academic program assessments are aligned with the indirect measures requirements of accrediting organizations for Nursing, Teaching, Business, and Engineering education programs.  Program assessment suites include exit, alumni, and employer surveys.

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  • Quickly identify key areas for Student Affairs program improvements.

    Professionally-developed student affairs assessments make it easy to launch program assessment initiatives.  Use powerful on-screen dashboards for peer benchmarking. Quickly identify key issues that need to be addressed first.

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The Catalyst for Continuous Improvement

  • Easy to Learn and Use

    Skyfactor student success, retention, and assessment products are designed to make it easy for you to get started, to quickly gain insights from the data, and to follow-up with interventions and improvements that are expected to yield the greatest results.

  • Research-Based & Rigorously Tested

    Our Analytics and Research team is continually evolving and testing the accuracy of Mapworks algorithms, and ensuring that Benchworks program assessment products are in alignment with accreditation standards.

  • Impeccable Client Support & Services

    We forge true partnerships with our clients -- understanding the institution's culture, and providing training and implementation plans that revolve around the needs of each institution.

  • Results that Speak for Themselves

    Skyfactor clients report improvements in student success and retention, increased participation in student services, and an easier path to accreditation-focused reporting.

Our Complimentary Webinar Series

  • The Mapworks Overview

    May 16, 2017 2:00 - 3:00 PM CT

    Every student has the potential to be successful, but not every student has the tools. The Mapworks student success program integrates data from every point in a new college student’s career, giving you the ability to pinpoint and resolve a roadblock on the path to graduation before it becomes a problem. Our intuitive platform was created with ease of use in mind, drawing on 20+ years of industry research to eliminate the guesswork from your student success and retention initiatives. From enrollment to post-graduation achievement, and all the stops in between, Mapworks has a plan. Register today.

  • Measures Matter: Exploring Direct versus Indirect Measures

    Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

    A Food for Thought webinar
    How do we measure the success of our students? Given the increased role of assessment in justifying resources both within and outside a university, the question of how we examine, describe, and improve college student success is more important than ever. As part of this process, we sometimes get stuck in discussions about how to measure outcomes. One of the common questions is whether we should use direct or indirect measures. This webinar will explore direct and indirect measures, discuss strengths and weaknesses, and challenge commonly-held myths about both approaches.


  • The Benchworks Overview

    May 18, 2017 2:00 - 3:00 PM CT

    Join Glenn Skaggs, Senior Assessment Specialist, as he highlights the unique benefits of our student affairs and academic program assessments. Available individually or as a packaged suite, Benchworks solutions are engineered to be easy to use while harnessing 20+ years of research and data so you know you’re getting the most targeted analysis possible. Learn more about how the insights that come from Benchworks assessments can make it easy for your institution to identify issues and make the most informed decisions. Register today.


News & Articles

  • Mapworks helps remove barriers to student success (via UAA Green and Gold News)

    By: Written by Tracy Kalytiak, University of Alaska Anchorage | Mar 27 2017

    Cheyenne Mathews grew up in the picturesque Southeast Alaska community of Ketchikan, a place where people take a five-minute ferry ride from one island (Revillagigedo) to another (Gravina) to reach the airport, where hemlock and massive spruce adorn the mossy landscape, where every face in town and at school was a familiar one. Last summer, Cheyenne moved into a UAA residence hall and launched her college career. At first, it wasn’t easy: “I think people forget how diverse geographically Alaska is,” she said. “I talked nonstop about how different Anchorage was, until it became a constantly recurring theme.

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  • A Q&A with Ian Slater (via The Sojourn)

    By: Brittany Ross | Feb 24 2017

    Ian Slater, associate dean of Student Engagement, is in charge of sending out the Mapworks survey emails at IWU. Slater’s job encompasses advocating for student success for the undergraduate students of IWU. Since 2011, students at Indiana Wesleyan University have been participating in the Mapworks surveys. “I partner closely with faculty, staff, and administrators across campus to make this a better place for student learning, growth, and success,” Slater said. The Sojourn talked with Slater to find out more about Mapworks.

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  • Three Students Selected for 2016 Mapworks Scholarship

    By: The Skyfactor Mapworks Team | Dec 14 2016

    Our 2016 scholarship hopefuls were concise, creative, and earnest in their deliveries, and in the end three (3) students were chosen to share their stories of how Mapworks has directly impacted their lives for the better: Rose Goren from the University of Minnesota, Mitchell Harwood from Queens University of Charlotte, and Elise Hill from the University of Northern Colorado.

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  • At our institution, Mapworks is used heavily to help retain students. We are finding more ways to utilize the data stored to better forecast student issues and develop programs to aid future students’ success. I am most impressed with the willingness of the staff to help me as I continue to learn the software as well as the constant updates that are made based off of client input. Matthew Hicks, Coordinator of Retention & Undeclared Students, Murray State
  • Piedmont College is in its second year since implementation of Skyfactor Mapworks. The software in combination with other retention efforts helped us achieve an 8% increase in one-year freshman retention over the previous year. Anthony Cox, Registrar, Piedmont College
  • The ability to work with support staff with a background and perspective based in higher education creates a unique partnership that is not always available with a third-party vendor. Thomas Bruick, Assistant Director for Retention Initiatives, University of Central Arkansas
  • Mapworks makes a difference for our students. It helped identify ways to improve all students' experiences while also building small support teams for students-in-need. From the individual reports to the aggregate data, we've been able to address campus interventions in practical, meaningful ways that also improved retention. Amy McGovern, Assistant Director, University Housing & Mapworks Coordinator, University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • We are in our third year of using Mapworks at a relatively small private liberal arts university. The processing through Mapworks of student profile data, survey data, and academic performance data has enhanced our understanding of our students and the various demographics that indicate their level of risk. This information has in turn enabled us to deploy our intervention resources with more confidence. Tom Fish, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Retention, and Assessment, University of the Cumberlands
  • Mapworks allows the institution to tear down silos and develop integrated support and follow-up plans for individual students and groups of students who are struggling or at risk for failing/leaving the institution. It connects all individuals who are actively supporting the student so we can coordinate interventions based on the needs of the student. Mike Costello, Associate Director of Systems Technology, Student Affairs and Enrollment, Ball State
  • Mapworks is an amazing tool for influencing and enhancing the student learning experience by guiding every individual who interacts with a student in their student lifecycle. Gaurav Srivastava, Data Systems Analyst, Queens University of Charlotte
  • Mapworks has given Queens the ability to predict which students are most at-risk for poor academic performance and/or attrition, and provided us with the ability to intervene early in the semester. Shariva White, Central Coordinator, Queens University of Charlotte
  • This year we’ve included Student Financial Services, Athletics, and our Resident Assistants into Mapworks and are using the tool during our Student Support Team meetings. Our deans and department chairs are loving the data analytics reports about students in their colleges and schools. Beth Stuart, Associate Dean, Center for Student Success, Queens University of Charlotte
  • The most beneficial thing about using Benchworks for us is the ability to find out how students perceive our efforts and to analyze the data provided – make changes and then assess those changes. To have a comprehensive way to look at that is critical for us. Lin Crowson, Assistant Director for Learning and Assessment & 7-Year Benchworks User, University of Houston